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Travel Apps Podcast


Every road comic knows the frustration of leaving town with hours to spare only to find themselves stuck in traffic, construction or an airport for a rediculous amount of time.

On the road, time is your enemy and technology is your friend. We discuss some of our favorite travel apps. We also discover a few new ones thanks to our friends in a few different Facebook groups (shout outs included).

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We discuss:

  • Great apps for storing your confirmation numbers for all of your reservations
  • Driving apps to help you save gas, find a place to fill up,
  • Alternatives to Taxis and how to beat the traffic
  • Why I haven’t tried Uber or Lyft ... yet
  • Flying apps to track your flight and reduce stress in making your connections
  • Subway apps for going subterranean like a mole with MapQuest
  • Hotel apps for saving cash on bookings and dodging the bed bugs
  • Why I will never stay at a “Bed and Breakfast” again
  • How to make the most out of your trip by going “local”
  • How to never miss the “World’s Largest Ball of Twine”
  • Staying safe in foreign countries - and online
  • And how to shush the noisy room next door with some white noise

We took the notes for you ...

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Check out this episode!


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