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027 YEAR IN REVIEW – 2015 PREVIEW (podcast)

We launched July 1st 2014 and it has been a tremendous journey. Getting to know the listeners and readers of the School Of Laughs podcast and blog has been a really, really cool thing. From connecting with folks in over 49 countries, to meeting many new comics through the site – Gavin and I have been overwhelmed with the positive response.

In this 2014 "Year in Review" episode we take an inventory of the shows progress through its first half year. Specifically, we talk about:

  • episodes that were downloaded the most
  • episodes that were listened to the least
  • episodes that triggered the most engagement and discussion
  • blog articles that got shared the most
  • which blogs caused a bit of a stir
  • what makes for a good title
  • the impact the site has had on a few comics
  • how many listeners and readers we have
  • the top 5 countries we are followed in (one real surprise!)

We also look ahead and reveal some plans for 2015. Including:

  • a new way to engage with the School Of Laughs
  • a few topics we will cover in upcoming episodes
  • my plans for possible overseas travel
  • the types of comics I would like to have on for interviews (you can help)

And lastly, piggybacking off of the last blog “What Is Holding You Back?”, we offer up a goal tracking worksheet that can help you organize and set over 30 goals for the upcoming year.

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The feedback I have already received this year inspired me to create a 2015 Goals Worksheet. This .pdf is designed to help inspire you to create, measure and improve upon over twenty goals for your comedy career.

Whether you are reading this post in December, February or August all you have to do is request this free worksheet and I’ll send it your way.

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If you feel your writing is holding you back, please consider enrolling in the online writing class. Goals, stage time and connections don't help one bit if you aren't creating solid material. For more info on that click here.

Thanks and have a prosperous (and measurable) 2015!


Rik Roberts is a 23 year comedy veteran. Still performing over 100 shows a year, Rik also operates the School Of Laughs workshops and classes. The courses both LIVE and ONLINE are designed to help you get bigger, better and more bookable. To find out more about these classes or to ask Rik a question, simply shoot an email to