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comedy contests

No doubt about it, at some point in your comedy journey you will be invited to – or thrown in the middle of – a comedy contest. In response to a listener question (thanks Brent!) we spend this episode weighing the pros and cons of participating in comedy competitions.

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My first inadvertent night onstage, I found myself the lowest ranking comic in an ongoing contest. Looking back, it was hard to lose since I didn’t know I was even playing. Now, with 23 years under my belt I have some strong opinions on what makes one of these events worthwhile. We talk specifically about:

  • Challenging the idea of even judging an art form in the first place
  • Weighing the results of “audience response” based contests
  • Potential benefits of a night judged by industry folk (bookers, agents, etc.,)
  • Why having only one goal can set you up for failure
  • The benefits of having to prepare “your best set”
  • Leveraging that seven minutes onstage for other opportunities
  • Why the green room may not be the best place to hang during the show
  • How a contest can help raise your profile
  • Why you should choose to focus on things that you can control
  • Using a contest to “set a stake in the ground” to mark your progress
  • How the contest may pay off several years down the line
  • Off stage goals you can set to help propel your career
  • One mindset to help you far beyond winning a contest

And much more!

Check out this episode!

I hope this episode gives you plenty to think about when you sing up for a competition. I would love to hear you success stories!

Best wishes!


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