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This episode is all about YOU. That’s right. I opened the mail bag and found a bunch of great questions and some jokes that … well, you wanted fixed.

Rik Roberts

Join me as we answer the following questions …

  • Do you have any tips on writing every day? Specifically, is there a place or web site for submitting jokes?
  • When do I know I am ready to try my first open mic? And how much time will I need to have?
  • How many times should you try out a joke before you scrap it? Or should you never scrap it and keep trying it again and again?
  • Do you have any tips for performing for older and more conservative audiences?
  • What happens when you do a joke that normally works and you get no response at all from the audience?

In the fix-a- joke section, I tackle jokes submitted on the topics of …

  • Airport layovers
  • Underachieving kids
  • Chinese babies
  • and jobs you hate

I talk about Jerry Seinfeld‘s method for staying focussed on writing and share some other tips and insights for new comedians as well.

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The Crochet Comedian

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If you have beginning comedy questions that need answered just send them in! Email them to I will answer them on the podcast or in a blog post.

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