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We did it. You did it. I did it. It was done. What is IT? 100 episodes! Woo hoo! This episode of The School Of Laughs Podcast is brought to you by Chelle Baxter, Peter Margaritas, Sandi Joy Chadwick and John Charlton – thanks!

It is crazy to think that a couple of years ago we started this journey together. When we did, I had no idea that we would make it to 100 episodes of The School Of Laughs Podcast. I hoped to. Just didn’t know if it was going to be something I could pull off. What a ride! With help from Gavin Miller, the ball got rolling and rolling and …

Rik Roberts

I’ve learned a lot! Hopefully you have as well. We’ve listened to jokes go from the brainstorming phase to the stage. We’ve talked with Letterman comics like Jeff Caldwell, Keith Alberstadt and Andy Hendrickson. We heard from Tonight Show regular Nate Bargatze and his dad Stephen.

Comedy Central comedians Robert Mac, Luis Ramey and Pat McGann also shared insights. Seasoned veterans Jeff Jena, Jeff Allen and Dan Swartout also shared many golden nuggets of information about becoming a comedian.

We also heard from folks who write for TV like Martha Bolton and Scott Dunn. We learned booking tips from Tim Grable and Midwest Clean Comedy. We know now what it takes to record a CD, and a DVD as well as how to put on your own shows.

Former students (Monty Mitchell, Jonnie W., Brian Bates, Chris Cherry, Mike James, and Paulina Combow) stopped by to share their successes.


So where do we go from here?

The plan is to continue for the next three months and see if there is enough interest and support through PATREON (see below) to continue. If so, we will lock in for another full year. If not, we will ride on into the sunset and sleep well knowing we gave it our all.

On today’s episode, I reflect back on the past year and what lies ahead. Specifically, I talk about:

And a lot more.

Thank you so much for listening and I hope to continue to provide you with beneficial information and tactical strategies for becoming BIGGER, BETTER and MORE BOOKABLE!

Support the podcast through PATREON

School Of Laughs Podcast

A listener recently told me about Patreon and I totally love this concept.

In a nutshell, in exchange for a small RECURRING monthly donation of your choice, you gain access to many extra opportunities to interact with the show. My favorite bonus is our very own, private “School Of Laughs Patreon News Feed”. Think of it as a Facebook page without all the drama. In this feed I will post exclusive articles, bonus podcasts and more. And of course, you will be invited to share ideas and support other listeners of the show!

The funds would help offset the costs associated with time incurred producing the show, and at the same time give you more of what I believe you find valuable. It’s up to you as far as the amount. We average 4 episodes a month and are hoping you feel like the information is worth at least $1.25 a show. So, a monthly pledge of $5 is our hope. More is great, less is still helpful. If we reach the target of 200 patrons (which is just a fraction of the overall listener downloads per episode), I think we would be on track to continue the production of the show and creating opportunities for you to grow as a performer and see definite returns on your support.

In short, I want to continue to provide the podcast and reach out to bigger names, more helpful comics and incredible resources.

Please click this link: PATREON INFO or check out the chart below to find out more.

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