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Brooklyn Dicent joins me today thanks in part to Patreon supporter Mike James. To find out how you can support the podcast with a small monthly donation visit .

Brooklyn Dicent talks about her dual careers as a professional leadership trainer and ... Comedienne.  We cover a lot of ground and dig into social media this week again. Late in the interview we cover a topic that we've yet to dig into: VIDEO TESTIMONIALS. If nothing else, dig into this portion.

We also talk about:

  • Growing up as a preacher's kid
  • Getting a challenge from her father at 12 to speak in front of the church
  • Knowing at a young age that comedy was in her future
  • Being inspired by Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Tony Robbins
  • Walking into her first comedy club in 2004 in Portland, ME
  • Taking an 8 week stand-up class
  • Studying comics on Comedy Central
  • Getting the audience on your side
  • Improvising and weaving in stories to customize her performances
  • Keeping the focus "about the audience" instead of on ourselves
  • Being self-motivated to accomplish bucket list goals
  • Knowing the purpose for each social media outlet
  • Using Facebook Live to INTENTIONALLY connect with your followers
  • Show "backstage" type inside looks with social media
  • Telling stories that evolve into your brand message
  • Making sure to have a Call to Action in every post
  • Interjecting yourself into conversations to gain followers
  • Using all social to SHOWCASE YOUR TALENTS

You can find out more about Brooklyn at her WEBSITE, on her Facebook Page, or on INSTAGRAM.

Rik Roberts

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The program starts the week you join and continues for 52 weeks as long as you are still supporting the podcast through Patreon at the $7 a month level.

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