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Comedy Questions
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Today I am joined by several recent writing students to answer their comedy questions. Specifically, we talk about:

  • What is a good way to know that you should continue pursuing stand-up comedy?
  • How many shows is a good barometer for getting your feet wet?
  • When should you quit!
  • The value in bombing (and recording it)
  • Is it okay to try different characters when you first start?
  • A bunch of things that can go wrong during your show
  • How to perform when you just don't feel funny
  • Performing when you are sick
  • Having a back-up comedian friend ready for some gigs
  • The value of listening to comedy when you are down
  • What Minnie Pearl said about audiences
  • When you are there for the audience (and when they are there for you)
  • The adrenaline surge you get when performing
  • The connections between comedy and speaking
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  • Finding your HOOK for your message
  • When should you transition into movies from stand-up?
  • The benefits of character work in your comedy
  • Tips on incorporating voices and characters into stand-up
  • Should you try a bunch of characters when you first start at open mic?
  • The benefits of no one knowing who you are
  • What Garth Brooks did that you shouldn't do
  • Jim Gaffigan workshopping new material
  • How to workshop new material and where is best to try
  • Songwriter open mics versus comedy open mics
  • Following a great (or horrible) act on stage

and a whole lot more!

Do you have comedy questions? Send them in and I'll address them on the show.


Rik Roberts

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