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Don't Wear Shorts On Stage

This episode is brought to you by Patreon sponsor Brina Morgan and the Clean Comedy Conference.

Rob Durham, author of “Don’t Wear Shorts On Stage” joins us to day to discuss what to expect as you explore your first open mic nights and road gigs. I first met Rob when I lived in Columbus, OH. He has since moved on to St. Louis where he is a full time high school English teacher and part time comedian.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode including:

  • Opening for Pauly Shore
  • The St. Louis Comedy scene
  • Doing a gig just for teachers
  • Teaching Stand-Up Comedy week at school
  • The skills an emcee needs
  • The real difference between emcee and feature work
  • Why comics think they can headline before they really can
  • and of course, what NOT to where on stage.

If you enjoyed Rob’s advice please head on over to to learn more. You can find his book there, and also at AMAZON or even EBAY .

Rik Roberts

This episode is brought to you by the Clean Comedy Conference which takes place in San Diego, California October 13th through the 15th, 2016.

clean comedy conference

There’s an old adage in comedy: Clean is green.

Through the Conference you’ll learn from professional comedians and bookers such as Eddie BrillJimmy BroganCharlene MaeAmy PittleTony Calabrese, and Scott Wood, who will address the pitfalls and show you how to navigate the challenges of making money as a clean comedian. In addition to working at clean comedy venues, many of these speakers and panelists have written for television and have booked for clubs, colleges, churches, cruise ships, and late-night TV such as Letterman.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Clean isn’t a dirty word.” Come and see why for yourself.

Early bird registration ends August 15th so sign up today at

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Club 52

“Club 52” is a 52 week, email based stand-up program. It will include a weekly challenge designed to help you become a better comedian. This year long program will feature an email every Friday from me. I will ask you to take a serious look at some of your business practices, writing processes, performance techniques, branding, marketing and a whole lot more.

The program starts the week you join and continues for 52 weeks as long as you are still supporting the podcast through Patreon at the $7 a month level.
Questions? Email me (Rik) at Or call 1-888-895-8549. Or. if you are ready, head on over to to get started.