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grinding it out

Grinding It Out While Still At A Day Job

I’m joined today by former School of Laughs student Lee Hardin to discuss what it’s like 3 years into the grind. Still working a day job to pay the bills, Lee has started to get some traction in his act and is now getting some bookings. He allows us a peek inside his progress.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • His early love of comedy
  • His transition into being more conversational onstage
  • What he learned at a recent showcase at Zanies  in Chicago
  • How cumulative stage time has paid off
  • A bad habit he noticed he picked up
  • Learning what material works where
  • Making your material accessible
  • Booked shows that go nowhere
  • Performing in Jackson, TN at South Street
  • Hustling gigs on the phone
  • Building a website on Square Space
  • Using “Bands in Town” to list upcoming dates
  • Getting paid gigs
  • Working with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  • Getting rid of debt
  • Working a flexible job to accommodate last minute bookings

We also mentioned Nora Canfield who does incredible photography for comedians.

Find out more about Lee at and how he is grinding it out and cranking up the laughs.


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