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On this episode I sit down with Lucy Sinsheimer,  Zanies Comedy Showplace in Nashville, TN to talk about managing a comedy club.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Patreon Sponsor Brian Bates and the Clean Comedy Challenge!

zanies nashville managing a comedy club


We cover a lot of ground about managing a comedy club in this episode, including:

  • The first comedy show she ever attended (Kathy Griffin)
  • How she got her foot in the door at the Comedy Zone
  • When she made the move to Nashville to work at Zanies
  • How helpful (or not) college helped with managing a club
  • The role social media plays in today’s comedy club
  • Geo-Targeting potential customers on Facebook
  • The new Stand Up Live Comedy Club in Huntsville, AL
  • How there is no substitute for open mic stage time
  • How technology and social media can overrun a work day
  • Headliners bringing there own features and how that affects stage time
  • Finding your comedic voice
  • Co-writing with other comedians
  • Not being afraid to try new material
  • The importance of being able to work clean
  • How important is social media for the beginning comedian?
  • Being creative in your social posts
  • What she wished she would have known before managing a club
  • The difficulty in “always” being in work mode even away from work
  • Being starstruck a little at having Chris Rock at the club
  • Getting to hang out at the “comic’s table” with Dave Attell at the Comedy Cellar
  • Watching Kathleen Madigan develop an hour of comedy during her residency
  • and much, much more!

Rik Roberts

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