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Today I sit down with comedian and keynote speaker Nick Arnette. Nick has lived and performed comedy in Denver Seattle and L.A.  I met Nick, however,  this summer in Des Moines, IA while doing a Speakers Bureau Showcase. Nick had a great set and I wanted to make sure to follow up and get his story soon after the showcase. I am glad I did.

nick arnette

We covered a lot of ground including,

  • Starting out in Denver and having to follow Roseanne in her heyday
  • Being inspired by Tim Allen
  • The talent level at the Denver Comedy Works
  • Why headliners had a tough time at Wit’s End
  • His move to Seattle and the reason behind it
  • How tough it can be to break into acting in L.A.
  • What role I was told I was good for in a tv show
  • The advantage of having a “point” and a “program"
  • Tough situations when performing corporate shows
  • Nick’s books “Me, Wee & Glee”, andThe Book of Dude
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Self-Publishing vs A Deal
  • His approach for getting his books out of his head and onto paper
  • His "Cool People I Know Or Meet” video project
  • How many movies I’ve seen in the past 20 years
  • The dependence on smart phones
  • My kid’s Youtube channel
  • AAA TripTik’s, Trucker Atlases and Tribble runs

Rik Roberts

Find out more about Nick Arnette by visiting any of his online outposts: , FACEBOOK , YOUTUBE

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