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Kate Dore on the School Of Laughs podcast

This episode is brought to you by Patreon Sponsor John Peters and the Clean Comedy Conference.

Social Media ninja Kate Dore joins us today to talk about the digital tools available to independent artists. Kate is a social media consultant, and she also blogs at where she talks about becoming financially independent.

Here is just a snapshot of the Social Media Pro Tips in this episode:

  • Blogging tips including frequency and relevancy
  • Her strategy for posting and promoting
  • How many social media channels are “do-able”
  • Posting where your audience is
  • Forum reader comments – “on” or “off’
  • Using negative comments as a topic for a future post
  • Scheduling posts with Buffer
  • Engaging on the day of releasing new material
  • Using LinkedIN  like Twitter 
  • First steps for getting involved on LinkedIN
  • When to start sharing content on LinkedIN
  • How to be more searchable on LinkedIN
  • My trick for putting a Facebook ad in front of LinkedIN friends
  • Manipulating your results in Google Search
  • Using Alt tags for images you share to increase SEO
  • Hacking Facebook organic reach with Facebook Live
  • Sharing your Instagram posts to Facebook
  • The incredible value of collecting fans email addresses
  • Using SumoMe (a free tool) to help get email addresses
  • Experimenting with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Convert Kit
  • Ditching vanity metrics and focusing on engagement
  • Getting 60% of her blog referrals from … Pinterest!
  • Using Google Analytics to understand your fan engagement

and honestly too much more to list!

Rik Roberts

Kate Dore’s Favorite Social Media Resources

How great is Kate Dore??? She also provided us with valuable resources to some useful articles and tools you can explore and use in your social media strategy.

How To Land Freelance Jobs with Social Media

How and Why to Collect Emails Using Your Website

Everything You Need to Know about Snapchat

Gary Vaynerchuk on Why Snapchat Matters

My Resources Page:

Social Media tools Kate Dore likes …

Buffer – Twitter scheduling

Mention – Brand Monitoring

Tailwind – Pinterest scheduling

Social Warfare – Social media sharing plugin

To find out more about Kate Dore visit any of her links below!

Website – Twitter  – Facebook – LinkedIn – Google+ – Pinterest

Kate Dore

Owner & Editor
Cashville Skyline

This episode is brought to you by the Clean Comedy Conference which takes place in San Diego, California October 13th through the 15th, 2016.

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The theme for this year’s conference is “Clean isn’t a dirty word.” Come and see why for yourself.

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