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Rik Roberts

Today’s episode is brought to you by Patreon supporter Susan Sussman.

Leaving a job as lawyer for State Farm Insurance would be unthinkable. For most people anyway. Fortunately for us, Rex Havens side-hustled as a comedian on weekends and nights for seven years until he was ready to make the jump. He started comedy late in life (mid-thirties). That jump was over two decades ago and he is still going strong.

I first met Rex when we worked at “Coo’s Coo’s Lounge” at a Bowling Alley in Cartersville, IL. Yes, we had arrived! Wow, looking back neither of us should have been there. The show was good and I learned that you could really work clean in ANY environment.

Today I catch up with Rex to see what he is up to, what he has learned, and where he is headed in his comedy career.

Specifically, we talk about:

The value in working a little extra hard on your act

  • Graduating with a law degree and an M.B.A.
  • His years as a college professor
  • The State Farm years (12 of them)
  • Hanging around the corporate job long enough to get his kids in college
  • Making marriage last while traveling
  • “Birthing” a new CD
  • Developing a one man theatre show
  • 3 things that happen when you laugh

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Rik Roberts

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