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Submitting To Comedy Festivals

Have you ever wondered about submitting to comedy festivals? Curious as to what your video should look like? How long it should be? What kind of website you should have to support the festival bookers search for more information?

This episode is brought to you by Patreon Sponsor Greg Adams and the Clean Comedy Conference (

Matt Ward, stand up comedian and festival planner, joins us to day to discuss all things comedy festival! Matt knows a lot about how committees choose comedians, because he's done it. Matt Ward is involved with both the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and the Scruffy City Comedy Festival.

When it comes to submitting to comedy festivals we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • How Matt first discovered comedy
  • His first performance (which took place at a birthday party)
  • Insight into the Knoxville, TN comedy scene
  • Video length for submitting to comedy festivals
  • The best platform to host your videos when submitting to comedy festivals
  • Why high quality video hosting may be a bad thing
  • The simplicity involved in shooting video
  • Several mistakes comics make with their videos
  • How to save time and make it easier for those watching your clips
  • Why you shouldn't monetize a festival submission video
  • Why you might not get selected even though you deserve to be picked
  • The evolution of head shots and some key things to consider

And much, much more!

Submitting to comedy festivals doesn't have to be hard. Follow Matt Ward's tips and good luck!

Rik Roberts


This episode is brought to you by the Clean Comedy Conference which takes place in San Diego, California October 13th through the 15th, 2016.

clean comedy conference

There's an old adage in comedy: Clean is green.

Through the Conference you'll learn from professional comedians and bookers such as Eddie Brill, Jimmy Brogan, Charlene Mae, Amy Pittle, Tony Calabrese, and Scott Wood, who will address the pitfalls and show you how to navigate the challenges of making money as a clean comedian. In addition to working at clean comedy venues, many of these speakers and panelists have written for television and have booked for clubs, colleges, churches, cruise ships, and late-night TV such as Letterman.

The theme for this year's conference is "Clean isn't a dirty word." Come and see why for yourself.

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