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On today’s show I catch up with Chuck Johnson, CEO of Summit Comedy Inc., in Charlotte, NC. I first net Chuck in the late nineties when he left Comedy Zone and started his own comedy agency. At that time he was doing a little bit of everything from booking one nighters and clubs to managing a handful of comics and pursuing the college comedy market.

Over time he has narrowed his focus primarily to the college market. With a few dozen comics on his roster and a firm grip on that scene, Chuck stays very busy. Lucky for us, he took a break for a few minutes to give us an inside look at the College comedy  market. He tells us what they are looking for, how he looks for talent and what you can do to get on track to test the waters.

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Summit Comedy Inc.,

Summit Comedy Inc., Show Notes

Chuck Johnson attended Appalachian State University in North Carolina. While there he followed his passion and booked bands at a local club. Bands like Dave Matthews and Rusted Root performed on the same bill. He followed up with roughly a three year stint at the Comedy Zone where learned about booking comedians, marketing, promotion and everything comedy business related. In 1998, he went solo and started what is now Summit Comedy Inc.,  We cover a lot about the college comedy market in this episode.

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