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Greg Warren (most recently seen on Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Late Show and Comedy Central Presents) has built a strong fan base with an act inspired by his Midwestern upbringing. His CDs, Running Out of Time (Sept 2013) and One Star Wonder (June 2009) hit #3 and #6 respectively in iTunes Top Comedy Albums. An honest mix of self-deprecation, frustration and an arsenal of lifelike characters highlight Greg’s colorful perspective.

greg warren

More importantly than all that, Greg is my buddy and we had a chance to sit down and talk about the craft of creating comedy. Specifically, I ask Greg Warren about:

  • Having a joke cut from some tv shows and not others
  • The benefit of picking on yourself first before anyone else
  • Getting good before going full time
  • Digging into his previous sales job at Proctor & Gamble for jokes
  • Wondering if he would work at Denny’s forever
  • Selling Duncan Hines to “Sak-n-Sav” in Texas
  • Finding a “way in” to write jokes about previous experiences
  • One experience I should be writing about!
  • Advice from comedian Ron Morey that helped Greg get rolling faster
  • How he goes about getting a set ready for late night tv
  • What jokes work better on late night shows
  • Why “tags” don’t work  as well on late night shows.
  • Working with Billy Gardell on his Mike And Molly audition material
  • Performing on Seth Myers when Billy was guest hosting
  • His wrestling mocumentary “Stall Camp”
  • Bouncing ideas off of fellow comics
  • His new exclusive CD project with Laughs USA/SiriusXM

and much, much more!


You can find out a lot more about greg Warren on his website:

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Rik Roberts

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