Do you want to punch you speech, program, training or act?

In person, over the phone, Google Hangout, ZOOM, or via Skype, you can now work one-on-one with Rik to develop your material to the best it can be! As these classes have grown so has the request for one-on-one coaching sessions. Now you can receive:

  • Answers to questions about any and all aspects of comedy writing and performing
  • Feedback on any comedy video you have posted online
  • Personalized instruction centered on improving your weakest points to become a more well-rounded performer
  • Real-time joke editing and tweaking
  • Frank and direct evaluation of material in a private environment
  • Personalized assignments designed to strengthen your point of view
  • Time-accountability to help develop more material
  • Insight as to why specific jokes aren’t working
  • Tips on restructuring your material so each bit shines in the best light
  • And much more!


It is your time, so let’s use it as best as we can for your specific needs! You can opt-out at any time. All consults and material discussed remain private. It is highly recommended you have some experience onstage or have taken the Stand-Up Level One: Writing course before registering for the one-on-one coaching sessions. This is for your benefit as there is an amazing amount of info in that class. Rates vary by project length and interaction. If interested, email: schedule your first call today.

Other online courses currently in development include “The Business of Comedy” and “Contact to Contract.”