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Browse our Youtube videos for answers to FAQs about writing, performing and the business of comedy.

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How We Can Help

Being funny is just the start of pursuing a comedy career. Save time and frustration by taking a course in any (or all) of the following areas:

Level One: Writing

Learn more than 16 techniques comedians use to develop material and ensure their laughs, write jokes and get feedback.

Level Two: Performance

Develop your point of view. Practice delivery, timing, act-outs, voices, vocal variety, and presence.

Business of Comedy

Discover how much comedians make, when they make it and how to choose a niche that suits your style and content best.

Online Writing Class

Every club is in constant search of skilled emcees. Learn what they are looking for and develop your ability to deliver!

Episodes Featuring Previous Students

Students see results! Everyone takes a different path, but these comedians took one that went through School of Laughs.

Club 52 Group Mentorship

Join Club 52 and take advantage of a one-year program designed to challenge you to get bigger, better and more bookable. Once a week, for one year, you will be prompted to examine your material, performance and business practices via email. You will also be invited to a monthly online video hangout. During the hour you can ask any specific questions and meet others who are pursuing comedy from around the country.

All of this for as little as $7 a month!

What Students Say About the Classes

Where to Start?

We realize very comedian or speaker who finds this site is at a different level of their career. From seasoned professional to curious outsider … we have information for each level. On the following page we’ve compiled the most relevant blog posts, podcasts and tip sheets for that level. We’ve also listed resources available to you that supplement those suggestions. Head on over there now to get started! Before you know it you will become bigger, better and more bookable than ever before!