Stand-up comedy performance class
Stand-Up Level Two: Performance


This is a (3) date class and the investment is $99


Stand up comedy classes are a great way to “ease” into Stand-up comedy in a stress-free environment.

The Stand-Up Comedy Classes Level Two: Performing course is designed to prepare you and your material for the stage. You will receive lots of pinpoint specific feedback on the material you present from myself and the other students.

In this class you will:

  • Begin to develop a three-minute set
  • Learn how to edit to get to the laughs quicker
  • Experiment with voices and impressions
  • Develop the emotion behind the joke
  • Try act-outs and learn when best to use them
  • Begin to develop the delicate art of timing
  • Create a joke that gets a quick opening laugh
  • Explore the space on stage in relation to your audience
  • Utilize performance dynamics to turn your set into a “show”
  • Learn how to time out your material
  • Begin to look at the material in a more “scientific” way

and a whole lot more!

The beauty of it all? You don’t have to go it alone. This will be a true workshop featuring other students who will help you get your results quicker. The only catch? You’ll be helping them, too. Class size is limited.

To save your spot, send an email to Rik at and put “Level Two Performance Class” in the subject line. In the body of the email, include your name and cell phone number.

“This class is exactly what I’ve have been needing. Before the classes I did ‘okay’ on stage. But I knew within myself I needed more training. I appreciate you giving back to the craft of being a comedian”. – LaMel Burt