The Comedy Business Workshop is a 3-hour tour of the comedy business and all it has to offer. Are you a good fit for this demanding and self-starting career?

You will learn more in this session about the business side of being funny than some comics learn in their entire career. You can take this class without any experience. It is a real eye-opener into the world of comedy as a career.

“Rik is funny and a great businessman, but perhaps his best quality is his desire to help others succeed. I walked away from his comedy business classes with some information that far exceeded the cost of the class. I highly recommend everything he offers! If he was a Cracker Barrel waiter, he would wear an apron with Four Stars!”

– Addison Tweedy

Among other topics, we’ll discuss …

  • What goes in my promo kit?
  • When should I approach the clubs?
  • How do I get in with bookers?
  • How do I promote myself? Do I need a website?
  • What is deductible?
  • How much do comedians make?
  • What market best suits my act?
  • What is a realistic timeline for my career?
  • What merchandise sells? Where do I get it?
  • What should I do for free, and where do I draw the line?



Send an email to and put “Ready for The Business of Comedy Class” in the subject line. I’ll reply back with info when the date gets locked in.




“I didn’t know what to expect with this class. But it was much more an I could have ever thought of. Your formal approach in a casual setting made it easy to absorb the mountain of information. I know I have questions, but I am just now starting my coffee this morning so they will have to wait to kick in and out of my brain for another time. I think some of the contact information was worth the price alone of tuition. In my professional business opinion … It is worth more than you charge. But knowing you like to share your gift, I see that you’re trying to make it affordable for as many people as you can.”

– Eddy Gwartney


“The business class was great. It really helped me open up my eyes to all the areas a comic can focus on to build one’s Career. I really enjoyed it and would encourage everyone to take the class.  Thank Rik.”

– Jason Cronan


“I acquired a lot of great information. Hopefully, I will use it sooner than later. Thanks, Rik”

– Fred Harvey