About the Level One: Stand-UP Comedy Writing Class

Take your comedy writing to another level with this laser-focused workshop. This offering is designed for people who are currently performing comedy. It is ideal for those who have taken an online course or workshop with Rik in the past, or who have stage experience and want to advance further. Among other things, you will be challenged during this three-session workshop to:

  • Develop an opening joke that generates a laugh in under 15 seconds
  • Create a bit that averages at least 6 laughs per minute (lpm)
  • Generate a series of “saver lines” that rescue a bombing joke
  • Write a bit that reveals your biggest fears and insecurities
  • Turn a long story into a series of quick “tight” jokes
  • Learn how to write “sound bite” punchlines to use in your demo video
  • Get deeper in touch with your “comedy voice”
and much more.


Send an email to Rik at SchoolOfLaughs@gmail.com. Put “Ready for the Level One Writing Class” in the subject line. In the body of the email include your name and cell phone number. I’ll reply back with more info on upcoming class dates.

The beauty of this class? You don’t have to go it alone. This will be a true workshop featuring other students who will help you get your results quicker. The only catch? You’ll be helping them, too.

We will watch comics on Letterman and break down why they make certain choices. We write jokes and have an opportunity to share in class. It’s a pressure-free environment where you can speak up as much – or as little – as you like.