The Master Laughter Class

 An online comedy class to help you take your program, speech or message to a higher (funnier) place using humor.


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An online comedy class for speakers who want to add humor to their programs.

Amplify Your Impact with Humor  

It is all about creating a more powerful message.

Comedy facilitates “Know, Like & Trust” better than any other tool. Many speakers fear using comedy because they might “BOMB”. No need to fear, this online comedy course / Master Laughter Class is here!

The MLC is designed specifically for speakers, trainers, CEO’s and content creators who already have a speech or a program they deliver on a regular basis. 

The MLC is designed for those who want to engage and deliver impact at a higher level by connecting more confidently through humor.

The MLC is for those who want to generate more repeat speaking business, more new bookings, and more interaction with the audience. 

The MLC isn’t for a speaker who wants someone else to do all the work for them

The Master Laughter Class is ONLY for people wiling to do the following:

1) Put egos aside,

2) Be open to coaching,

3) Push yourself to a new level,

4) Have fun and connect with other participants.

If you are able to do those four things, the Master Laughter Class may be a great fit for you.


In this Online Comedy Course, You will:

  • Identify “dead spots” in your program that need work
  • Apply a strategy that generates a laugh before you even get on stage
  • Learn how to anchor your take away points using humor
  • Discover how to Diagnose a Joke and Fix Inconsistent Results
  • Learn The Three Keys that make 90% of all jokes funny
  • Put Yourself in the Material (even if it happened to someone else)
  • See How to Set a “Laughter Trap” Like a Headliner
  • Understand The Cause of (and Conquer) Writer’s Block
  • Learn why Punchlines Are Like “Money in the Bank”
  • Tap into a Variety of Sources for Inspiration



A typical audiences is being asked to listen to a stranger, absorb their message and apply that to their lives. That is no small “ask.”

In order for that exchange to happen they need to know, like and trust you. Humor can let them into your point of view, your faults and your obstacles like no other tool. If they can laugh WITH you, they can learn FROM you.Employing laughter will keep both you and the audience engaged. Laughter releases endorphins, creates goodwill and increases the chance that your points will be remembered. 

And, if your message generates the desired results, the client will hire you over and over again. I’ve seen it happen firsthand and absolutely LOVE the fact that I have “clients for life” because they connected with me – and my message – through humor. You can do the same. And you can learn it all in this online comedy class. 



  1. Clients who rebook you to speak multiple times are an incredible resource.
  2. You incur no additional costs of acquisition.
  3. They are more easily approachable to ask for references and referrals.
  4. They often encourage you to try out new programs.
  5. And they are perfect candidates for video testimonials.

All of this adds up to more dollars in the bank. Funny equals money!



The Master Laughter Class will help you break through so many barriers that are holding you back. You will gain the confidence to implement humor. You will experience the rush of transforming your dead spots into explosive moments. You will learn methods that are applicable, repeatable, and dependable for ANY message you deliver. 

I guarantee if you put forth the effort, not only will your audience more readily receive your message, you will be more excited to deliver it. Learn more about the facilitator HERE

Next Workshop

WHEN:  Due to the Covid-19 nonsense this course is available online only for the time being. Anticipating Live Workshops to be announced this Summer.


Master Laughter Class Online

Register for online comedy class

An online comedy class for speakers who want to add humor to their programs.


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Master Laughter Class





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