School of Laughs

Tired of watching everyone else get the big laughs?

Take your material from the page to the stage and be bigger, better and more bookable than ever before! What types of people take the stand-up comedy classes live or online? All kinds!

Aspiring comedians find a quicker road to success by learning the ins and outs of writing, performing and creating a comedy business.

Toastmasters have taken the class and gone on to win their humorous speech contest.

Songwriters have developed witty banter to keep the show moving between songs.

Public speakers, trainers and managers now get a better response through memory retention from their audiences by using humor. All walks of life from 18 to 81 have taken these classes with positive results.

Live classes are taught on a regular basis in Nashville, TN at Zanies Comedy Showplace. If you live too far to make it to these, organize a group of eight or more people, and I WILL BRING THE CLASSES TO YOU! And beginning June 2014, these classes will be available online (more information below).

The courses currently available include:

Stand-UP Comedy Level One: Writing

It all starts with the jokes. In this class you’ll learn the key ingredients of a joke, how to generate material, proven techniques to add more laughs to your material and how to structure your set. This class is great for those starting from scratch or those with one to five years of experience who are not seeing results from their show.

Available Live or ONLINE.

Stand-UP Comedy Level Two: Performance

Currently only offered as a live workshop, this class gets you on stage to perform your material. We limit the sessions to eight people. Everyone offers creative criticism and helps each other develop material. We go over stage techniques, delivering with emotion, purpose and act-outs, characters, impressions and more.

Available Live

Intro to Improv Level One: Games

A truly fun workshop that will have you thinking on your feet and falling out of your seat. Perfect for complete beginners or stand-ups who want to add a bit of improvisation to their stand-up. We focus on creating laughs from organic interaction and scene work. You’ll be familiar with many of the games if you watch “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Available Live

The Business of Comedy Seminar

What does it take to develop a career in comedy? Probably more than you’d believe! We’ll go into detail on how much comics make, the sacrifices needed to succeed, realistic expectations, marketing, promotion, bookers and agencies, tax tips and merchandise. This class is a real eye-opener.

Available Live and soon to be ONLINE.

Contact to Contract

A “must have” class for those who intend on booking shows on their own (not through clubs and agencies). This class starts with you picking up the phone and quoting your “fee.” Next we’ll go into trouble shooting the gig and contracts. Then we finish by maxing out the contact and getting new leads.

Emcee Crash Course

This workshop goes into great detail to help you develop your emcee and hosting skills. A great emcee is harder to find than a great comic. And some great comics are horrible emcees. Learn what it takes to become a requested “high demand” host. You’ll get onstage and become comfortable commanding the stage and show!

Humor Writing for Toastmasters

Are you part of a Toastmasters group? I have a two-part comedy writing class that will help you dominate the “funny speech” competition. Available on request. This class goes over techniques and quick start “joke generators” to supercharge your speeches.

Join in the fun and become a more interesting person! Let’s take your comedy FROM THE PAGE TO THE STAGE!