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The Comedy Classes I wish I had taken!

upcoming comedy classes Starting off in stand-up comedy can be REALLY intimidating. It’s like driving in the fog with no lights. Of course I didn’t have the advantage of taking comedy classes to help me navigate. That is the way I felt when I first started. There was no way to see what was ahead, how long it would take to get there, or which way I should be going. After 24 years as a full time, professional comedian, I can now easily see the path. The fog has long lifted. The obstacles – some great challenges – are less intimidating. The journey is much more clear. You’ll have to learn a lot on your own. No one can do this for you. But, the journey doesn’t have to be so intimidating. It all comes down to three areas: Writing, Performing and Business. And it all starts with WRITING. The School Of Laughs comedy classes contain all the tools I wish I had when I first started. You will immediately start to see stand-up comedy in a new light.

“I participated in all of the School of Laughs comedy classes and they were well worth the time, effort and money. You’ll gain years of experience in only a few short weeks, so it’s a wise investment into your career. I recommend the School of Laughs to anyone who’s looking to take their comedy skills to the next level!” – Ray Mack

There are many techniques comedians use in their writing. You will learn them. You will practice them. You will layer them and you will get laughs. There are keys to pacing, pausing, animating and delivering your material. You will explore them all. You’ll learn what works for you. You’ll appreciate those who do it differently. You’ll discover how to get stage time, the benefits of networking, what club owners, booker and agents are all looking for in a comedian. You’ll be able to set a realistic timeline for your development, and define what market suits you the best. When you are ready to get serious about getting funny – these comedy classes are for you. Read on for current class dates and email me at any time with questions. Rik


Stand-Up Comedy Classes

Stand-Up Comedy Level One: Writing

School of Laughs

Tuesdays, November 7, 14, 21 from 6:00-8:00 PM

Held a tStudio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R.)

1101 Cherry Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Register now: Email to save your spot …

This is a (3) date class and the investment is $200 total

The Stand-Up Comedy Level One: Writing class is the foundation for beginners and intermediate comics. In this class we learn more than a dozen techniques comics use to make material solid and consistent. We watch comics on Letterman and break down why they make certain choices. We write jokes and have an opportunity to share in class. We don’t get onstage, however. So it’s a pressure-free environment where you can speak up as much (or as little) as you like.

“I recommend the comedy writing class from Rik Roberts. You’ll learn a lot and walk away with a binder full of joke writing exercises you’ll still refer to years down the road. He’s always willing to answer questions. It’s a best buy, if you are serious about being a working comedian.” – Sherre Bishop

As an added bonus, this writing comedy class comes with a “Lifetime Warranty” based on available space. Once you’ve paid for the class, you can attend any and all following writing class sessions at no extra charge. So you can apply the knowledge as you progress through the ranks of comedy to make it a custom fit every time! To register, e-mail Rik with your name, cell phone and the words “Ready for Next Writing Class” in the subject heading. I’ll follow up with specifics and more details.


Stand-Up Comedy Classes

Stand-Up Level Two: Performance

School of Laughs

Wednesdays October 11, 18, 25 from 6-8 PM

Held at Studio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R.)

1101 Cherry Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

This is a (3) date class and the investment is 200 total

The Performance comedy class is designed to get you onstage. We experiment with voices, act outs, impressions, emotion and other performance techniques to make your material pop. You will also get lots of feedback on the material you present from myself and the other students. In this class you will begin to develop a three-minute set.

“This class is exactly what I’ve have been needing. Before the classes I did ‘okay’ on stage. But I knew within myself I needed more training. I appreciate you giving back to the craft of being a comedian”. – LaMel Burt

You are encouraged to bring a recording device to these sessions so you can watch it back later and take additional steps to improve your performance. E-mail me with “Save My Performance Class Spot” in the heading and your name and cell phone in the body of the message. I’ll reply back and let you know if a spot is available.


Business of Comedy Class

School of Laughs

The Business of Comedy Seminar

Saturday, October 28th

E-mail and ask to “Save my Biz Class” spot

Held @ School Of Laughs / 4811 Lebanon Rd, Hermitage, TN 37076

Investment: $99 total

Pre-register now E-mail Rik at with “Save My Business Class Spot” in the heading and your name and cell phone in the body of the message. I’ll reply back and let you know if a spot is available. You will learn more in this session about the business side of being funny than some comics learn in their entire career. You can take this class without any experience. It is a real eye opener into the world of comedy as a career.

“Rik is funny and a great businessman, but perhaps his best quality is his desire to help others succeed. I walked away from his comedy classes with some information that far exceeded the cost of the class. I highly recommend everything he offers! If he was a Cracker Barrel waiter, he would wear an apron with Four Stars!” – Addison Tweedy

Among other topics, we’ll discuss …
  • What goes in my promo kit?
  • When should I approach the clubs?
  • How do I get in with bookers?
  • How do I promote myself? Do I need a web site?
  • What is deductible?
  • How much do comedians make?
  • What market best suits my act?
  • What is a realistic timeline for my career?
  • What merchandise sells? Where do I get it?
  • What should I do for free, and where do I draw the line?




 comedy classes

Intro to Improv Level One: Games

Email and ask to join e-list and be notified when scheduled

Held at Studio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R.)

1101 Cherry Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

This is a (3) date class and the investment is 200 totalPre-register now

We will sample many of the games you have seen on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” as well as many you may have never seen. You’ll learn the ground rules that apply to Improvisational Comedy. You’ll be onstage A LOT and will learn to trust your instincts.

“I’ve watched Improv for the past few years and thought – I COULD DO THAT! Well, with the help of Rik’s class I know HOW to do Improv and WHY good Improv scenes work. Those were the parts that I needed help with and now I am pursuing my dream!” – William Steadford

You’ll also benefit if you are pursuing stand-up comedy. All of the games in this course can be applied to writing and developing your material. Many students develop characters and bits that can be implemented into their stand-up routines.

Please E-mail me at with “Intro to Improv Class” in the subject heading and your name and cell phone in the body of the message if you would like to be on the stand-by list.