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It takes a lot of stand-up comedy shows - both good and bad - to help you become a true professional. How you handle odd circumstances will separate you from the amateurs. You will have to experience these firsthand in order to learn from them. So enjoy them and be ready to learn on the fly as the wheels fall off!

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These shows are just a few of the situations you should experience before you consider yourself unstoppable. We talk in this episode about how to handle the comedy show where:

  • only two people show up
  • you walk in as they are announcing your name
  • someone has a medical emergency while you are on stage
  • you are outside, in the rain with no speakers
  • you were asked to extend your set
  • you thought you were the headliner and you are asked to e the emcee
  • you thought you were the emcee and you ended up being the headliner
  • everyone was funnier than you
  •  you were the funniest
  • the power goes out while you are on stage
  • you get an encore – after you’ve done your best material
  • you only do crowd work
  • you do all brand new material
  • you went to watch but ended up performing because someone couldn’t make it

And more!

Check out this episode!

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