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Paulina Combow

Former student Paulina Combow stops by the studios to inspire and inform us of her progress.

Paulina attended college in a small town in Western, KY where she learned Mass Communications. After graduating, she felt a “comedy internal clock” ticking and decided to berth that comedy baby. She started in the Fall of 2011 and hasn’t stopped since.

Paulina is a force of nature. Not only does she co-host a morning radio program and puts on three separate independent comedy shows a month, she also finds time to travel to do a few gigs on the road and appear at LaughsFest.

In this episode we talk specifically about:

  • One thing she took away from the writing class that put things in perspective for her
  • The differences between her open mics at bars and one at the bookstore on Vanderbilt University campus
  • Her philosophy on the clean vs dirty debate
  • Her list of her “demands" for any venue if they want her to start a comedy show
  • The few benefits (and challenges) of being a female comic
  • Using her credentials as a radio personality to network, gaining access to venues and entertainers
  • Her experience doing a showcase at LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI

and much, much more!

To find out more about Paulina, visit any and all of the links below!

  • Web Site:
  • Twitter: @PaulinaGC
  • Podcast episodes of her morning show on ITunes: Indie Bohemians Morning Show


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