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Have you ever bombed so bad that you would have preferred to have been stabbed? Have you ever been stabbed while bombing? Ok, not getting laughs is not the end of the world. But how do you deal with the bruised ego and lingering self-doubt?

Today we talk specifically about WHY we bomb, and how to bounce back and land on solid ground. In the past we have discussed a few topics connected to bombing:

Overcoming a slow start (BLOG)

Comedy shows that make you stronger (034 )

Overcoming Stage Fright (Episode 054)

But today is specifically about troubleshooting in advance, making adjustments during, and taking action after to make sure it doesn't happen as often.


Specifically, we talk about:

  • Turning down gigs that aren't right for you
  • Having a "go-to" list of comedians you can refer
  • Why you may need to revisit you bio
  • Clearly marketing to groups you are best for
  • When the booker messes up
  • How to prepare the booker for the disaster ahead
  • Why you may need to revisit your contract
  • Giving yourself the option of opting out
  • Develop a pre-contract process for troubleshooting the event
  • What to do if the other comics before you dug a hole
  • What to do if the comics before you rocked
  • How to admit failure and learn from it
  • Why you may need to open with your closer

and much, much more.


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