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This week, in honor of LaughFest you get two bonus interviews. Last year I was honored to perform in the clean comedy showcase during the festival. It was a blast and I got to work with several great comedians.

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The sound quality is a little off since I was recording without stellar producer Gavin Miller. But, they are great comics and both had a lot of insight for beginners and established comedians alike.

Comedian Tony Deyo began his comedy career during a brief stint in Austin while he was also a full-time middle school band instructor. Realizing he would regret not trying to live his dream Tony took a local comedy class that helped him get the courage to get onstage and pursue stand-up comedy.

Now, with an appearance on CONAN under his belt he’s marching his way across the country commanding one stage after another.

Check out this episode!

Tony Deyo’s Conan Set:


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