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Like it or not, part of the job of a comedian is “sales”. You are constantly selling your act, selling your professionalism, selling yourself to bookers, owners, managers, agents and audiences. If you can’t spend some time to develop that skill, you will struggle. It’s plain, and simple.

Check out this episode!

Whether you represent yourself or not, this podcast is a must listen for comics who:

  • Can’t seem to get enough work
  • Have leads evaporate
  • Are passed over for opportunities
  • Aren’t generating enough gigs and money to go full time
  • Can’t find enough stage time
  • Are completely lost when it comes to creating offers, deals and “sales”

Selling isn’t only about making money. It’s also about getting stage time. Represent yourself poorly, and you’ll linger among the many honorable, but starving artists.

So, with best intentions, this episode addresses some key aspects of creating opportunities by following 12 key sales strategies for comics. Listen for ideas, concepts and strategies to implement. Don’t be shy. If you aren’t confident selling yourself, then maybe you need to change your comedy “product”.

We talk specifically about,

  • Why you need to get the “buyers” attention
  • One thing you must identify to make yourself interesting
  • How you can be an asset to someone with a problem
  • Preparing for your introductory sales pitch
  • Helping the buyer to envision life with you in it
  • Enabling “social proof” for your value
  • Tips on how to make your offer
  • One key ingredient that makes you the best solution
  • Reassuring the buyer they are making a wise decision
  • An often forgotten technique for generating response
  • Why a “warning” sometimes helps
  • How to close your pitch

And much, much more!

Check out this episode!


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