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Jeff Allen Comedian

Have you ever struggled with alcohol, depression or meaningfulness in your pursuit of a comedy career? You’re  alone. Numerous comedians and entertainers get sidetracked by self-destructive behavior. Fortunately for us audiences everywhere, Jeff Allen was able to get his act together on and off the stage.

This veteran comedian started in 1978 and weathered many storms. His anger and edge led him to some dark places. Sound familiar?

Rik Roberts

After overcoming alcohol, he wondered if he would still be funny. Good news, he is funnier than ever and kept the best part of that edge in his comedy. In this insightful interview we cover a lot of ground. There are so many good nuggets for comedians both new and old alike.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • What the landscape was for comedians in 1978
  • How a move to Boston helped him establish his comedy chops
  • How a heckler can change the dynamic of a room
  • How he found himself standing over a cold-cocked cop
  • Why he moved to Nashville
  • Where he met his wife (we have a little in common here)
  • How he moved to Phoenix and got cleaned up
  • The peace and meaning finding Christ gave him
  • Why using the dictionary and thesaurus is both fun and helpful when writing jokes
  • How a corporate show took a horrible (and avoidable) wrong turn
  • A chance with sit-com pilot for PAX
  • How new jokes may bring back older material
  • The future and a possible book and movie about his journey
  • Jeff's podcast "An Examined Life"

And, many more great stories of self discovery.

Jeff' Allen's humble and insightful takes are like a gift to any comic who has a few obstacles to overcome. Hey, that’s all of us! Listen in and treat yourself to a meaningful conversation with something for everyone.

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