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Today I am joined by one of my students “Straussie”. Straussie took the Stand-Up Comedy Level One: Writing class back in February. Then he followed through with the Level Two: Performance Class and the Business of Comedy Class. I could tell right away this guy doesn’t mess around. He is serious about things and is now nine months into stand-up comedy.

We talk a little about his growing up in Australia and his move ten years or so ago to America to pursue the music business. He is still part of that industry as a production manager for a country music artist. That job has served him well as he has made many connections with folks who are gifted in a variety of skills that compliment his development as a comedian.

We talk about the ups and downs and challenges of getting yourself started in the world of stand-up comedy. Specifically, we talk about:

  • Taking the comedy writing class and seeing what goes into being a great comedian
  • Utilizing friendships and connections to help with his web site
  • Using SquareSpace to host his site
  • Hiring a rock and roll photographer to shoot his pictures
  • Using a white background so he could easily photoshop them
  • Hiring out his graphics through Fiverr
  • One message his site is sending that he didn’t see coming
  • The challenge of finding time for everything that goes into stand-up
  • Producing his own comedy show “Straussie With Mates” in Nashville
  • The benefit of hosting that show
  • The format and the style of the show
  • How he promoted the show and how many turned out
  • What he learned form the experience
  • The importance of creating deadlines
  • His  Presidential Race video,
  • Parkinson’s Law and how it applies to the comedy business
  • Developing his YouTube channel, uploading videos
  • What he learned at the CLEAN COMEDY CONFERENCE in San Diego
  • Some advice he got that he needs to now implement
  • What he has planned for the remainder of the year

and a whole lot more!

Rik Roberts

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