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John Branyan

In episode 105,  NEW BIT COMEDY CHALLENGE John Branyan and I were both headed to the same conference (Christian Comedy Association). We were both slated to perform at the same showcase.

So I challenged us both to try new material. At first, I thought we would just hold each other accountable to do the bits. Then, I upped the ante and told him we would record the show and play back the bits on the podcast. The new bit comedy challenge was on!

Today we break down the audience response to his political humor. Would they go along with it? Could he stay interested in a topic he hates?

On my end, I work through taking a family vacation. Initially, how we raised money for the trip. And then I joke about surviving the HooRoo Run at AQUATICA SEAWORLD.

How Did It Go???

Both sets had some hiccups (mine more than his I thought). Yet, the crowd gave us the info we needed to tweak and continue to develop the material from here.

School Of Laughs

Let me know if you like this episode. If so, the new bit comedy challenge may become a regular feature.



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