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032 Guiness World Record

The current Guinness World Record for “Longest Stand-Up Comedy Show – Multiple Comedians” is 80 hours and was achieved by comedians at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood December 6-9, 2010. That show included 170 different acts by 150 comedians.

Would you like to be part of history?  Help us break this Guinness World record!  

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Chad Riden and D. J. Buckley (of need your help. Nashville StandUp seeks not only break the 3.3 day / 80 hour record, it hopes to shatter it by 112 hours! That’s 8 days /192 non-stop hours of stand-up comedy featuring hundreds of talented comedians from as many locations as possible. The event is scheduled to start April 12 at “The East Room” in Nashville, TN.


Stage time is available for all comedians who are willing to be part of this record. The show will start at 6:30 on April 12 and go for as long as humanly possible. For more info on the location of the event click here.

To offset the fees associated with paying a representative from Guinness to attend and validate the record, and to pay for staffing, video and club rental, launched an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign. So you can be part of the event even if you can’t be present.

For more on the various donations please click here.

We also talk with the fellas about:

  • Why having an email list and web site is important for your scene
  • The Nashville comedy scene
  • Booked shows versus open mics
  • How Chad got the moniker “America’s Favorite Comedian Of All Time”

So, please support the cause with time, talent and a few bucks. You will be part of history and have a new credit on your bio.

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Check out this episode!