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Charlie Weiner started performing as a singer and guitar player in 1966. Occasionally, someone would break a string and he would fill in the silence with improvised ramblings. Funny ones. He loved the response and would find opportunities to be comedic throughout other gigs. Soon he started comedy in Ohio at the Cleveland Comedy Club and Hilarities.

Charlie Weiner

 Charlie Weiner talks about ...

  • Performing in the middle of a mall for no one
  • Getting a gig after a booker watched him get no laughs in an hour
  • The old three show Saturday nights
  • Burning trough sixty minutes of material in thirty minutes
  • Charlie Weiner transitioning from music to being a comedy act
  • How years of stage time gave his comedy an edge
  • Opening for bands with his own songs
  • Seeing 20,000 people at a concert sing along to HIS song
  • Being too stupid to know to quit
  • Taking every gig for the experience
  • Acknowledging the elephant in the room
  • Two bank shows that went awry
  • Learning more from a bad show than a good one
  • Why there’s no coasting in comedy
  • Why Charlie Weiner likes working with comics who are great
  • The energy of a live show versus Youtube
  • How watching other comics can teach you about your own comedy
  • Eliminating distractions on stage

And a whole lot more.

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