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Should You Quit Comedy?

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Should you quit comedy? Do you ever have the feeling that this thing is going nowhere? Do you feel like you are pouring time and resources into a bottomless pit? Does it seem like everything and everyone is working against you?

Maybe it is over. Or you may just have hit a rough spot in the road.

In this episode we will explore your options on whether or not to continue or quit comedy. I’ll give you a few tips on pivoting to stay in the game. And I’ll reveal a few signs that you may no longer be in it anyway.

In general, here are seven signs to look for when you begin to consider quitting comedy.

Rik Roberts

#1 You haven’t written a new joke in months.

Comedy is a skill, more so than a passion. But you must have the drive to get better, etc., You must have a burning need to create.

#2 You haven’t got a new booking in months.

This could be for many reasons. Here are a few with previous podcast episodes that dig into the topics a little deeper. (Episode number is in parenthesis for your convenience.)

Because your show hasn’t gotten better (044 S.T.R.E.T.C.H.)
Because your online video isn’t good
Because your web site hasn’t been updated in months or longer (053 Website Tips For Comedians)
Because there are funnier people in your space

#3 You spend more time worrying about getting on stage than actually being onstage.

FEAR is paralyzing. But it may also be a sign of imminent trouble. Like being in the jungle at night, or at WalMart anytime. Don’t ignore it, but be objective and see what is causing it.

Stage fright? (054 Overcoming Stage Fright)
Poor Joke Writing? Check out blogpost: "How To Write A Joke".
Booking the wrong kind of gigs?  (030 Finding Your Ultimate Audience)
No shows suit you? Start your own! (041 Producing Your Own Shows)
Afraid of bombing? (062 Bouncing Back from Bombing)

#4 You have never spent time after show reviewing your set or rewriting material.

How can you improve without reviewing what went wrong? You must want to learn to get better.

(055 Showcase Set Review)

#5 Your calls don’t get answered by the bookers or club managers.

No one will talk to  you if they don't now who you are. Listen to these two podcasts to get deeper into the mindset of a booking agent:

(072 Midwest Clean Comedy)
(078 Booking Agency Insights with Tim Grable)

#6 You just can’t find the time with your work or school schedule.

Comedy doesn't have to be your top priority. It's not even in my top two. But it needs to be up there near the top.  (Work Life Balance #013)

#7 Not a single person is encouraging you or giving you helpful advice.

I don't like to water the weeds. I like to encourage growth in good things and good people. Are you getting any nurturing at all form your local scene?

So, should you quit comedy?

Lastly, if you still can’t decide on whether to quit or not, ask yourself:

Am I refreshed and energized by performing and writing?
And, if so, does the crowd enjoy me, or put up with me?

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